Developer and Systems Administrator

Embroidery Thread Conversion Webapp

UX design

As a hobbyist, I love to indulge in embroidery, and you can check out my work on PatchPhrase.com. While exploring various embroidery shops, I noticed a recurring problem – difficulty in accurately and efficiently matching colors to thousands of threads. To tackle this issue, I developed a web application using a tech stack comprising Nginx, NodeJS, Express.js, Postgres, Sequelize, Vue.js, and Vuetify. Initially, I used PHP and Javascript, but later revamped the entire project to gain hands-on experience in full-stack development. This application, which is a Single Page Application with state management, has taught me valuable lessons in the development of user-friendly and efficient web applications.


66 Brands
146 Thread charts (physical types of thread)
35,865 Thread Colors